Sales - Why Payukan does not offer massive discounts?

We have chosen to offer fair and honest prices throughout the year.

This choice is part of an eco-responsible approach put forward by our company. We imagine timeless and classic collections made of fabrics of excellent quality. Our priority is to offer you comfortable sandals that you will wear for several years. We do this because we no longer believe in the logic of fast fashion that produces in large quantities and which artificially inflates prices throughout the year in order to offer discount prices during sales periods. For example, if a pair of sandals is sold at a discount price for 12 weeks a year, its price has been heavily inflated outside the sales period.

We have small stocks, we launch production in small quantities whenever it seems necessary, in order to avoid overstocking. We are convinced that producing in large quantities is, in our opinion, an ecological nonsense.

Our will is to offer reasoned quantities and to work with European factories. This choice has, inevitably, an effect on the prices. This commitment is our guarantee that our raw materials originate from Europe, our sandals are made in the region of Porto, Portugal, in a specialized factory.